Sunday, April 11, 2010

I was surprised it was so warm. April anywhere is a bit dodgy, and Denver's is always life's curveball, weather's 7th inning slider, but baby tonight was glorious. C'or! I even tore off a layer on the way out the door from work, at 10p, teased a bit of a breeze up the sleeves of my creaky old leather jacket easing the bike up Broadway. Its very strange, Broadway is always crawling with cops and I never seem to generate so much as a glance. I should never, ever say this much, much less nail it in print but I *think* I'm bullet-proof. I've been pulled over dozens of times from McDermott Nevada to Denver's I-25 exit ramp that peels west to I-70, where I CUT OFF a Colorado State Trooper in my WRX at 65 mph (no LEO likes this car), I just can't get a ticket.
Traffic cameras? Dismissed. Nevada State Trooper? "..... I don't know what to say, officer, you got me. I don't know WHAT the hell I was thinking. 96 in a 75 mph zone? I'm bleeding SORRY". Keep your hands on the wheel, sit up straight, pony up the license and insurance, just be HONEST. Really, isn't these folks job HARD ENOUGH??
--My night-shift trolls wandered in around 9:00. Got out somewhere between 9:30 and 9:45. It was a mercifully quiet night. This is a touchy week. Jasper died 4 years ago from this coming Tuesday. I want to like spring, as in the SEASON, *SO BAD* but I just rue it. FSK!
I used to tell Jasper, the rare times he'd deign to talk RISK with me, and it was always a hockey thing, "Jasper, you get hurt doing this stuff, and *somebody* is gonna get hurt RIGHT AFTER". Cancer is a fsking thief in the night, nobody to blame, nobody to strangle and believe me if I could but finger something, somebody, the Dark Angel in me would track them down like a GOD DAMN DOG.

I am stymied.

" ..... come to your house and he won't stay long
Look 'round the room one of your family will be gone
Death don't have no mercy in this land".
-Hot Tuna

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